Behold, the Calendar!

Last updated December 15, 2018

This site houses the unofficial calendar of regularly scheduled Magic: the Gathering tournaments and events in or around Austin, Texas. As far as we know, this is accurate for most weeks/months.

**Please notify us if we should update this calendar. Help us keep it accurate!**

Before attending a tourney, players should verify on their own that this information is correct. Tournament info changes easily, and we claim no responsibility if you show up to a store and discover they are closed, etc.

This calendar includes weekly event information for the following stores:

Junior’s Comics and Games – South Austin – updated 08/25/13

Tribe Comics and Games – South Austin – updated 01/07/16

Mage’s Sanctum– South Austin – updated 07/19/16

Resurrected Games – Around UT-Austin campus – updated 08/25/13

Pat’s Games – Central Austin – updated 07/29/16

Dragon’s Lair – Central Austin – updated 01/23/16

Emerald Tavern – Central Austin – updated 08/06/15

Outlaw Moon Games & Toys – updated 11/16/15

Mothership Books and Games – North Austin – updated 07/29/16

Card Traders of Austin – Northwest Austin – updated 08/25/13

Wonko’s Toys and Games – Northwest Austin – updated 11/04/14

Rogue’s Gallery – Round Rock – updated 01/27/14

Game Time Cards – Bastrop – updated 08/23/15

Gameday Comics and Cards – Marble Falls – updated 12/10/15

Hops and Heroes Comics – Central/East Austin – Updated 07/02/17

Bell’s Gaming Center – Round Rock – Updated 12/15/18

The Gaming Goat – Central – Updated 12/15/18

Store notes for players unfamiliar with the Austin MTG scene – updated 07/28/16

  • Most stores require decks to be sleeved.
  • Pat’s Games deals exclusively in Magic: the Gathering. Singles must be purchased through her store’s online ordering system.
  • Wonko’s has a strict non-intimidation and no foul language policy
  • Emerald Tavern sells beer and coffee.
  • Outlaw Moon is squirreled away behind Austin Books and Comics.

Here is a map for your convenience.